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Common Reasons Why Patients Need Tooth Extractions

While we usually do everything in our power to avoid it at Dental Care of Wheaton, sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary for a patient. If you have an overcrowded mouth with teeth preventing other teeth from coming in or ill-fitting braces, those are common examples of when we would recommend a tooth extraction in our Wheaton office. Other reasons for a necessary tooth extraction include wisdom teeth surgery, patients undergoing radiation treatments who may need certain teeth removed as a result of their treatment or children or adults who have not yet lost some of their baby teeth but need their permanent teeth to come in.

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What to Know about Tooth Extractions in Wheaton

If you need a tooth extraction in our Wheaton office, you probably have questions about the procedure. Before the procedure, our dentist will either give you an injection of a local anesthetic or a strong general anesthetic to numb the area. This will alleviate the pain and help you sleep or relax during the procedure. If the affected tooth has been impacted, our dentist will likely need to cut away gum and/or bone tissue covering the tooth. Occasionally, an impacted tooth will need to be removed in pieces.

Once we’ve extracted your tooth, we’ll allow the blood clot to form in the empty socket, packing it with gauze and a few self-dissolving stitches. Recovery may involve prescribed antibiotics or painkillers, ice bags to reduce swelling, additional gauze to stop bleeding, rest and a restricted soft-food diet. The pain, swelling and bleeding are normal within the first 24 hours. Should it become more severe or show signs of infection, you should contact your dentist immediately. Healing generally takes 1-2 weeks but is largely dependent upon the individual and how closely they follow our after-care recommendations.

Schedule an Appointment for a Consultation Today

If you think a tooth extraction may be in your immediate future, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have for us. Dental Care of Wheaton has provided tooth extractions for Wheaton-area patients of all ages, and we’ll take good care of you too! For all your dental emergencies, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office by calling 630-580-1367 at your earliest convenience!